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St. Patrick's Day on March 17th often traditionally marks the actual start of the lake angler's year. On the whole, it is a satisfactory date; the trout are largely recovered from their winter rigours, the weather is getting milder, some fly is on the water.
There is, all in all, something to be said for starting the season on that date.
The wise angler, beginning his season towards the end of March, will base his angling on the natural fly then hatching on the lakes, together with suitable imitations if other trout food, such as snails, shrimps, waterboatmen, various larvae etc. The six months then left - April to (and including) September - offer a wide variety of food to the trout. And they offer the inevitable ups and downs to the angler. A brief look at how each month fishes would go like this.

Oh what a tangled cast we weave
When first we practice to deceive
The wary trout;
But if we're made of proper stuff,

And practice hard and long enough 'Twill straighten out.

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